FUT Hair Transplant Procedure is one of the most prominent techniques currently used in the field of hair transplantation because it accomplishes what is required of it with the least capabilities, time and effort. It is located in the scalp, as although there are many techniques that perform hair transplantation, what is commensurate with strip hair transplantation may not be possible for others, and this is in fact what can be considered the strength of this technique that we will learn about in detail during the next few lines.

What is a FUT transplant?

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a procedure in which a strip of hair 20-25 cm long and 1-2 cm wide is harvested from the scalp. The doctor then sews up the scalp so that no voids appear in it. At that time, the doctor’s assistants divide this slice to use its parts for scalp transplantation in the bald places. This method is considered one of the best hair harvesting methods for several reasons, the most important of which are the following:

  • It saves time because it allows transplanting a large number of follicles at the same time.
  • Less cost due to time saving.
  • The follicles do not hurt during transplantation and allow the transplantation of a large number of healthy follicular units.

Candidates for FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

Candidates for FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

FUT Hair Transplant Procedure is not a suitable process for everyone, as it contains some details that may make it suitable only for some categories, most notably:

  • Cases in which any of the traditional methods of treating hair loss does not work, some may use a group of methods without having a possible effect in the long run, and therefore slide hair transplantation comes to suit this category significantly.
  • Those who have lost part of their hair during shocks, accidents and fires, as it is possible to have some unnatural causes that lead to the loss of large quantities of hair, and therefore the need to compensate for it through FUT hair transplantation, and the most prominent reasons are fires and shocks.
  • Those who suffer from early baldness in all its forms, sometimes it may not be possible to classify hair loss on the basis of being a serious disease or an indication of anything negative as long as the loss has not passed for more than five years, and that is why we wait until we verify this and see if it is a technique The slide is suitable.

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How FUT hair transplant procedure works

How FUT hair transplant procedure works

There is no doubt that before undertaking the FUT hair transplant procedure, there will be a need to know the method in which it is carried out to ensure its safety, and in fact this process is carried out according to a set of steps, the most important of which are:

  • Trimming the donor area, and here in this step a complete cropping of a specific area is done to supply the receiving area, and the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis area may reach 15 cm, after that comes the turn of the receiving area, which is equipped in one way or another to receive a part of this size.
  • After a piece of skin has been extracted from the donor area, the role will come to prepare this piece of skin by picking the follicles in it, and of course this is done by a team of specialized doctors due to its sensitivity, and the sample taken in special dishes that contribute to its preservation.
  • Implanting the follicles into the holes, which is the stage in which the follicles are implanted naturally, and this stage is compatible with many different cosmetic operations, as it uses some tools to transplant the follicles.
  • Complete closure of the donor area, which is the stage in which sutures are used and the conditions are more surgical than just a cosmetic procedure, and the recovery process from suturing may take approximately three weeks to recover from, with the persistence of scars and traces.

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Disadvantages of FUT hair transplantation

Disadvantages of FUT hair transplantation

FUT hair transplantation is not available in many centers, and in fact this happens due to some negatives, the most important of which are:

  • Facing the problem of hair growth under the skin, and such things are disastrous for people who undergo hair transplantation, regardless of the technique. Hair growth under the skin means that negative results have occurred and may require surgical intervention later.
  • The need for a recovery period greater than usual, which is also a major problem, as most of those who undergo plastic surgery want to get the best results as soon as possible, and therefore such late results may lead to reluctance to proceed with the operation.
  • Loss of some accumulated follicles, and the fact that this may not happen with modern hair transplant techniques or happen slightly, but the FUT hair transplant technique in particular has a great possibility of losing follicles, and this is the source of considering it one of the negatives.
  • Pain after the operation, paresthesia, and swelling around the eye. All of these problems and more appear immediately after the hair transplantation process through the slide technique, because the way the operation is performed is often a cause of negative symptoms.

FUT vs. FUE hair transplant

A lot of questions are always asked about the difference between the FUE technique and the FUE technique, especially since they are the two most widely used techniques, and as customers expect, there are many differences between them, the difference may be a reason for customers to transplant hair with FUE technique instead of FUE technique, but the FUT technique remains important It is suitable for some cases that are not suitable for hair transplantation by FUE, as it is less expensive, so clients who have a specified budget turn to it. The difference between the FUE technique and FUE technique is as follows:

  • The chip technique leaves a trace in the donor area that gradually decreases in size but does not go away, in contrast to the FUE technique, which does not leave any trace after the recovery period.
  • Slide hair transplantation needs to open holes that fit the size of the follicles, which are larger than those holes needed by harvesting, and therefore it is not suitable for hair transplantation for the beard, mustache and eyebrows area, as the holes need a lot of time to recover.
  • When transplanting hair with the FUT strip, the transplantation may take place in more than one session. In one session, a number of no more than 1500 follicles can be transplanted, while between 5000 and 6000 follicles can be transplanted in one session in the FUT.
  • The recovery period in strip hair transplantation is longer than in FUE, especially the donor area because it needs more time to recover.


FUT hair transplant procedure is not the process that occupies the interest of a large segment of hair transplant patients, despite it being suitable for many groups, but its problem is that there are some negatives that must be read well and studied before undergoing the operation.