Hair plays an important role in the external appearance of a person, and its health reflects the health of the body. On the other hand, its weakness and fall affect human mental health. Therefore, aesthetic medicine is interested in accessing the latest hair transplant techniques that enable doctors to restore the healthy appearance of hair and treat hair loss and baldness resulting from injury or genetic causes.

Hair transplant operations aim to restore hair density in specific areas affected by hair loss or loss, by transferring hair from the densest to the least dense places. Although hair transplantation has been taking place since the fifties of the last century, it has witnessed clear progress in recent decades.

The latest hair transplant techniques include two main types of techniques: FUT technique or FUE technique, which fall under other sub-techniques of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is usually performed in the doctor’s office using local anesthesia, as you do not need to resort to general anesthesia.

hair transplant techniques

With the continuous development of cosmetic operations, including hair transplants, the procedures and techniques used in the transplantation process have also evolved, and there are techniques other than FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant that help speed up the recovery process from surgery and give patients tremendous and fast results.

The most used hair transplant techniques in 2022 include:

1- FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplant)

FUT technique

In this technique, the surgeon cuts approximately 15 to 25 centimeters from the back of the hairy scalp, and then sews up the wound resulting from taking this slice, which is hidden by the surrounding hair.

Then the doctor divides this part of the skin into approximately 200 to 500 small patches, each containing one or a few hairs. The number of grafts depends on the type of hair, its color and condition, and the area that the doctor aims to transplant.

Advantages of using FUT technique

  • The ability to extract the follicles from the donor area very accurately, and accuracy is certainly the most important thing that one of the techniques can provide because of its extreme importance in determining the rest of the stages of the process.
  • No damage to the scalp, there will be no effect due to the accuracy used, which is the opposite of the idea of ​​low damage rate with other techniques.
  • Increasing the probability of success of the operation. If the FUE technique will provide you with a success rate of fifty percent, then the FUE technique will double that percentage very clearly.
  • Not losing any number of follicles, and perhaps this feature is the most important of all, since the person’s preservation of the follicles is necessary because there is no opportunity to make it available intensively later, the bulb is an inherent part of you.

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2- FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE technique

The FUE technique is one of the most important and most widely used hair transplant techniques at the present time, despite the emergence of modern techniques after it. However, FUE technique still retains its position and is used in beauty centers, and it is of course the lowest in terms of price, but that has never prevented the presence of many It has advantages, which for some people prefer this technology over other, more advanced technologies.

Advantages of using FUE technique

  • Harvesting the follicles in succession, which makes us in front of very few scars and wounds that go quickly with time, unlike other techniques that have a long effect because of their depth.
  • Maintaining the shape and density of the hair in the area from which the hair is extracted, or what is known as the donor area, as certain hairs are picked in a distinctive way that makes the appearance of the hair as it is.
  • FUE technique produces very accurate results, after the completion of the hair transplantation process, the person will not be able to differentiate between the hair of the donor area and the hair of the transplanted area, both of them will become one.
  • It does not require special care in any way, which means that the subject can go on with his life in less than 24 hours.

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3- Perkutan technique

Despite the emergence of many hair transplant techniques in recent times, the Perkutan technique has been able to firmly reserve its place, as it depends on the Perkutan tool and also targets local anesthesia for a short period, but at the very least there will be no effects of surgery and the technology will not be at a price High, which is why centers are rushing to provide them, especially as they also provide a range of different advantages.

Advantages of using Perkutan technique

  • Increasing the number of transplanted follicles per centimeter, as the technology provides a bearing capacity of one hundred or one hundred and twenty follicles at most, which many technologies are unable to provide.
  • It is not followed by blood clotting or bleeding, and some are of course preoccupied with the effects more than anything else and do not want to suffer after the operation, and this is why the Perkutan technique comes to put the limits in front of that by preventing the effects.
  • It gives the person a natural view of the hair, so any technique can perform the hair transplant process, but to get a natural view after the end of this process, this only happens when using Perkutan.
  • The ability to know the degree and direction of growth, and this is certainly a very important matter, as it is not possible to imagine hair transplantation without being able to determine the direction in which it will grow, and what this Perkutan technique achieves further.

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4- DHI technique (Direct Hair Implantation)

DHI technique is one of the best hair transplant techniques

When looking for a quick and effective treatment for cases of baldness with a desire to thicken hair, the DHI technique is considered one of the best hair transplant techniques and will certainly be the perfect solution because it provides accuracy and maximum density, as an instrument containing a hollow needle is used that often does not increase in diameter more than 1 mm and this tool can plant more than a hundred bulbs in a small space of no more than a centimeter, it is definitely the technology you are looking for and want to take advantage of its advantages.

Advantages of using DHI technique

  • There are no scars, wounds, or any traces afterwards, as because of the use of the natural form in the procedure and the absence of the need for puncture or wound devices, the result comes out in the form of an unaffected place in any way.
  • The recovery period after using this technique is little or perhaps no, and because of this period Choi pens are resorted to in order to reduce the effects of the operation.
  • It does not need incisions or holes, it is simply not a surgical operation, which is the biggest advantage for those who wish to carry out the operation without any effects.
  • You do not need to shave the hair of the head, and this feature appears more among women who want to perform the procedure without causing significant effects on the hair.